Can snails live in unfiltered water

2020-01-27 07:25 Snails and snail eggs can also hitch a ride on live aquarium plants purchased from the pet store. If you do not take precautions by cleaning your live plants before adding them to your tank, you could be unknowingly planting the seeds for an infestation. nerite snails require brackish water to breed, so you do not have to worry about them

Mar 07, 2010 To answer your question, no, the snails do not need a filter, but would benefit from having one, more water movement means a cleaner shell. It's certainly not necessary though. As for the fish, you said they are food, but still, they'll be swimming in a tonne of their own waste: . Source(s): can snails live in unfiltered water

Snails can live for a good amount of time, around three to five years. But, in an aquarium setting, they can live for up to 10 years in ideal conditions. Many different species have intricate shells, so fish owners want to add them in their fish tanks. Some pet fish owners debate on whether snails make good editions to their aquariums.

By removing unfiltered waste, scavenger snails can actually make your water cleaner. Its not all positives when it comes to snails. There are times where they can become nuisance. There are snails that will eat live plants and other organic things inside the tank. can snails live in unfiltered water

Jul 07, 2009 What can live in a fish bowl? Question. Please include water loving frogs, newts, snails, fishwhatever you can think of. The container is round tall and wide. It is not small and cruel. I have rocks in there and two bamboo shoots in there. also in an unfiltered, uncycled bowl the water can get out of whack very quickly. Mar 11, 2010  Answers. Best Answer: Yes a mystery snail can live without heat and filtration, just make sure you keep changing the water so the ammonia wont spike. As for eating fish, not possible when they are alive, they are very slow moving animals. But when any fish dies, snails Land snails and slugs can partly submerge themselves in periods of drought, but prefer to escape water if they can. Some may even forage for food just beneath the waters surface but must return to the land as their design and function is for terrestrial (land based) life. can snails live in unfiltered water Yes, snails can live in a fish bowl quite successfully, provided they're aquatic, freshwater snails. But to keep snails humanely in a fish bowl, you must carefully consider the size of your bowl, the number of snails you keep, and their adult sizes. A fish bowl may not be an ideal habitat for more than one snail. Bowling for Snails. A garden snail cannot live in water because it won't be able to breathe in the water or swim out of the water. If you put a garden snail in large quantities of water, they will drown. Dec 26, 2010 The snails would represent a VERY small bioload and as such, , it would not take much in the way of fishes to create levels of ammonia or nitrites that could become dangerous to any fishes added in excess of what the snails have been contributing in the way of waste, and too much food fed to the tank can create toxic conditions from the get go. Apr 12, 2013 Can Nerite snails live in an unfiltered, noair, no heat bowl? My cat's water dish (don't laugh at me) is a 1. 25 gallon cookie jar with gravel and lightly pearling plants. No fish or invertebrates.

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